On October 22 at 10:30 am (Central Time), our class took part in a

read-along of the book, Cat in the Hat.


TOP STRIPE: Which of these choices do you like most?

listening to someone read aloud - red

reading aloud - green

reading with someone - blue


MIDDLE STRIPE: Which type of book do you like more?

long - orange

short - yellow


BOTTOM STRIPE: What is your favorite type of book?

funny - purple

scary - blue

true - green

other - red

Our class read the book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, by Dr. Seuss. Then, we got to see, smell, and touch Oobleck in our very own classroom! We used our senses to become Oobleck Scientists!

Oobleck Recipe

Oobleck KWL Chart

What is a glugg?

What do you do with a gloing?

What in the world is oobleck?

Before reading the story, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, we predicted what the definitions of these words were! We made our very own Dr. Seuss dictionaries! Some of us even made up our own words!

We used the dictionary to find which page these words would be on...if they were real words! We wrote down the guide words that would be found at the top of each page!

Then, we read the book to find out what the words really meant!

Dr. Seuss was unable to finish writing the book, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!, because he passed away before the book was finished. Luckily, Lane Smith and Jack Prelutsky finished the story so that we can all enjoy it! It is FUN to work with partners!

After reading Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! by Dr. Seuss, we worked with a partner to make up our own teachers at Diffendoofer School! Each student drew one part of the teacher before passing the paper to his or her partner!

Our history teacher, Mrs. Looney, teaches us how to take a nap in the noon-y!

Our science teacher, Mrs. Cola, teaches us how to make soda!

Our math teacher, Mr. Goof, teaches us to group.

Our gym teacher, Mr. Calm, thinks gym is very calm. He thinks that he is strong, but he is really wrong.

Our science teacher, Mrs. Crozoidoner, teaches us how to make a blocter.

Our teacher, Miss Toda, who teaches art. She teaches us how to make colorful colors.

Our gym teacher, Mrs. Spikeroo, teaches how to ride a kangaroo.

Mr. Rock Jock teaches rock that is so loud it broke the clock. It's SO annoying that everybody's pointing!

What does the principal do during the day?

What do teachers do when the students are not in the classroom?

We read as many Dr. Seuss books as we could in a day! :o) There are so many books to enjoy!


Together, our class has enjoyed a total of 397 books by Dr. Seuss! Olivia has read the most Dr. Seuss books (38)!!!!!

We voted for our favorite book by Dr. Seuss and then graphed our results as a class by using the website, Create a Graph!

Printable version of our graph

After voting for our favorite Dr. Seuss book, we wrote a book review about the winner, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! We posted our review on the Salute to Seuss wiki!

At the end of the week, each student received a certificate for participating in our Salute to Seuss activities!

When you choose to read every day, you're a WINNER in EVERY way!

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