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A Day in the Life of a Pioneer - WebQuest

You are traveling west with two other family members. Each family member witnesses many wonderful things and is responsible for different tasks while traveling on the wild frontier.

With your two other group members, decide which family member role you would like to explore (Father, Mother, Child).

Once you establish your role, you will record your fascinating frontier findings in your journal. Then you and your family members will write letters to send to your extended family members: Uncle Charlie, Aunt Martha, and Cousin Bobby, warning them of the dangers and encouraging them to join you out west.

  Oregon Trail Unit  
  Folklore and Tall Tales In this lesson, students are introduced to the folklore of the pioneers; specifically, the tall tale. Students learn about the characteristics of tall tales through creative writing and improvisational activities. They also learn how authors use figurative language, such as similes and metaphors, to engage readers in a story.
Westward Ho! Project Based Learning Load those wagons........kiss the kin goodbye.........get ready for adventure, drama, comedy, tragedy, and fantastic learning as we hit the Oregon Trail and head out west! Back for its fifteenth year, this simulated journey allows classes to travel the trail as part of the Westward HO! Wagon Train. In classrooms across the country, collaborative families, based on real families from America's past, make daily decisions (travel and fate scenarios are provided by the project moderators) that will influence their safe arrival in Oregon.
Oregon Trail Map Lesson Plan Using resources found on the Internet such as maps, documents, and photos, students will construct their own class map of the Oregon Trail.
  Build a Pioneer Log Cabin  


Searching for Gold: A Collaborative Inquiry Project

In this collaborative inquiry activity, the real gold in the inquiry skills and content area knowledge that students develop. Students study the Gold Rush using a collaborative inquiry strategy: each of several small groups research one aspect of the topic and teach that topic to the rest of the class. Students create a project to aid in their oral presentation of their researched topic.

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