To get my students "geared up" for our state assessments, the ISAT, I transform our classroom into an ISAT Bootcamp for the month before the test. I found some great decorations from Factory Card Outlet!

I made each of my students dog tags when they "enlisted." I used 8 1/2 x 11" silver cardstock that I found in the scrapbooking section at Michael's and just ran it through the copier.One of the tags said "ISAT BOOTCAMP: 2008" and the other side had the student's name on it. The kids went CRAZY for these! They LOVED them!



I make sure I take time to teach my students relaxation strategies, stretches they can do before or after a testing session to relieve stress, as well as test taking strategies and tips. I put all of this information into a "manual" for the students.

Relaxation Scripts

I hang up a countdown sign on the wall. I write the numbers on post-it notes and take down a number each day.


Read the book, The Biggest Test in the Universe, with the class!

I got some great ideas from my friends at

*Do some "drills"... the students could run through hula hoops (like tires) with math facts written on the inside!

*Soldiers earn stripes for different ranks, right? Maybe each time the students show proficiency on something, they could get a stripe!

*Introduce brain gym exercises to chill the kids out!

*Give them peppermint candy or gum the day of the test and tell them it is brain food - peppermint has been proven to ease stress and keep people more alert.

*Give the students helps them focus!

*I share research with the kids that shows if they eat fish before the tests, they will score better (They all get rather nervous, imagining that I am about to serve them smoked salmon and pickled herring!) and then I give them Swedish fish candies. I also give them a mint because I find mints "wake them up." After the tests, parents provide yummy snacks and we have extra recess. I give absolutely no homework the week of the big tests.

ISAT Bootcamp Chant

Test Prep Songs

Take Out Your No. 2 Pencils: Taking the Stress Out of Standardized Tests


Standardized Testing

Measurement Hunt - I use this activity for practice using the "ISAT rulers"

Good Luck Tag - I attach this to a bag of Lucky Charms to pass out to each student before ISAT testing begins.

ISAT letter - sent home to parents the week before the big test begins

Test-Taking Strategies

Effective Study and Test-Taking Strategies for Kids with Learning Difficulties

Grade Level Skills Help Pages

Subject Area Interactive Lessons

Testing Treats - ProTeacher discussion thread

ISAT Test Motivation Theme - ProTeacher discussion thread

ISAT online practice

Brain Pop Movie - Test Preparation

Brain Pop Movie - Test-Taking Skills

Brain Gym with Sharon Gelber
Brain Gym


Brain Gym Website

Sample Brain Gym Exercises

Brain Gym Packet

Brain Stretches

Extended Response

Reading Street Extended Response Questions

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