The students in Room 28 get to play Homeworkopoly each Friday, if they have brought in all of their homework assignments for the week. The Homeworkoply game board looks a lot like Monopoly, but has different rules and spaces.

To play, each student gets to roll the dice. Then, they move the number of spaces that they rolled. Sometimes, the student might not land on anything "special". However, there is a possibility of winning some pretty cool rewards if you are lucky enough to land on one of these spaces:

Choose a "Chance card" from the deck. These cards might say something like "Free Homework Pass" or "Choose a Prize from the Treasure Chest"
Community Lunchbox
These cards are a lot like the Chance cards. Choose one from the deck and you receive whatever prize is says!
Mystery Prize
Choose a prize from the Treasure Chest!
Brain Binder
You must answer a question that Mrs. Van Dyke asks you. If you get it right, you get a Van Dyke dollar!
Game Spot
Choose a game to play with a friend.
Free Homework
The student receives a Free Homework Pass.
Take a Seat on the Bus
Sit in someone else's desk for the day!
You automatically get a Van Dyke dollar!
On the Bus - Just Visiting
Switch seats with someone for 30 minutes!
You can check out a book from our classroom library this week!

I originally found Homeworkopoly on Check it out!

I store all of the materials needed for Homeworkopoly in a drawer storage container. The Community Lunchbox are printed on orange index cards and the Chance Cards are printed on blue index cards.

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