Every year, my school hosts a Curriculum Night. The parents are invited to come in to meet their child's teacher and learn about the curriculum and classroom.

Class Wish List

I put up stars on a bulletin board that list items that parents can choose to donate to the classroom. Some ideas include:

~candy for the candy jar~

~small items for the treasure box~

~books for our classroom library~


~colored copy paper~


~small envelopes~

~extra Crayola markers (classroom supply)~


~paper towel rolls~

~clear page protectors~

~clear contact paper rolls~

~sticky wax/poster putty~

~digital timer~

~Velcro tape~

~magnet tape~

Parents usually ask me what they can buy for the classroom at the beginning of the year! It is better to have some ideas in mind before they ask! :o)

Wish List Sign


Helper Signup/Conference Signup

I always make sure to post a signup sheet for our first set of parent-teacher conferences, as well as a signup sheet for parent volunteers. Parents are able to write down the time that they wrote down right away, so that there are less scheduling conflicts as we get closer to conferences. On the parent volunteer signup sheets, I write a description of what the parents will be asked to do, so that they can sign up for a task that they choose.

Conference Sign-Up

At-Home Volunteer Sign-Up

At-School Volunteer Sign-Up

Party Sign-Up


Open House is held near the end of the year at Woodland. Students have the opportunity to show their parents around their classroom. Parents are also given the chance to see how hard the students have worked throughout the year!

By Myself Project




The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups


Top Secret Log


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